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Read to know Carry’s real success story 

Learn and grow: CarryMinati and his real success story

We all know this guy, by now! CarryMinati, a name that echoes whenever we talk about roasting. He has achieved adoration and appreciation across the world. Youngsters love him for his brutal and honest Hindi commentary. He is now 21million subscribers stronger and bigger. But his struggle till here has been real.

No successful human being got it just like that! They had to struggle and so did CarryMinati as in Ajey Nagar. Ajey had begun his career as a gamer, he used to display his gaming videos on his channel and expanded a humongous fan base in the virtual world. Later he introduced himself as CarryMinati and started making Roast videos. His success shows how he has related to the youth with his content.

Carry was the first one to introduce roasting to India, he started his YouTube channel at the age of 10, he was a mere kid then. His growth and his channel’s growth have been mesmerising to watch. He is a wonderful guy, with so much hidden talent. A true inspiration for the youth of the country. We wish him all the best for his future.

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