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Sameer Fuddi, Titu Mama, Mrs. Hola – all the reasons why we love BB Ki Vines.

What makes BB Ki Vines so popular?

Let us come straight to the point. BB Ki Vines is a YouTube sensation that we can never get enough of.
The proof for this bold claim lies in the fact that BB Ki vines has a massive following of 14 million subscribers on YouTube. The creator, Bhuvan Bam, started his journey on Facebook and moved to YouTube at a time when very few people had actually realized the potential of YouTube.

Bhuavan Bam’s style of comedy is relatable and has always kept up with the changing times. This singer, songwriter, music composer and stage performer started BB Ki Vines simply because he wanted to make people laugh. BB Ki vines showcases the life of an urban teenager and his mischievous and unconventional conversations that he has his with family and friends. The funniest part is that Bhuvan Bam plays all these characters himself – whether it’s his mother, father, friend or teacher.

One of the main reasons why BB Ki Vines is so popular is the fact that the vines’ topics, content and even the characters and their personalities are always relatable. We all have that one angry teacher or that one annoying relative and BB Ki Vines captures that and more. Bam’s characters also have their own unique quirks. Like his friend Bancho’s cousin Sameer Fuddi who says ‘hutiya’ and ‘fex’.

More often than not, BB vocalizes what all of us are thinking. Like the song Dj wale babu mera gaana baja do. It’s stuck on our tongues even when it makes zero sense. Or like the teachers who’ve had to face students who can be frankly very annoying.

Even though he films all these videos himself with just the front camera, they are always a hoot to watch.

It’s all these reasons that BB Ki Vines has earned Bhuvan Bam two Cosmopolitan Awards as the ‘Entertainer of the Year’ and ‘Viral Content Creator’.

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