Read to know what makes Carry the most popular YouTuber

What Makes CarryMinati The Most Popular Youtuber?

Well, what makes someone popular, it could be anything, but CarryMinati is popular for his superb content and Hindi Commentary. CarryMinati is known as the best rant man, in India. CarryMinati is one of the topmost YouTubers in India. We love to watch him on a regular mode.

Carry has been making headlines with his videos and unique content, though have been criticised by many, Carry never held it behind, he has always been bold and loud with his roast videos. He has roasted several other YouTubers and content creators. But he came to notice after he roasted BB Ki Vines. The video got a whole lot of admiration, worldwide.

CarryMinati began his career from a very humble start. At the age of 10, he began his YouTube journey. We loved watching his gaming videos then and now his Hindi commentary. He was so passionate about YouTube that he left his academic career and chose his career as a YouTuber. And now he has gotten more than 21million subscribers on YouTube.

We wish him all the best!

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