Manpreet Narula is the new digital sensation

Manpreet Narula, A Delhi Guy Gaining Recognition With his Instagram Page @Error69*

Manpreet Narula hails from Delhi and completed his graduation from Thapar University. Since then he kept himself busy in social media, he had made his mind to do something in this field. This made him start his Instagram Page @Error69, where he started sharing a number of viral stuff on social media. He took out many viral videos, memes, and comical content and shared them to his friends and fans.
Slowly and steadily, it started garnering good response on social media, thus giving him the chance to become popular in this world. His fanbase consolidated and expanded at length allowing him to get the chance to become a popular name on the web. He keeps on entertaining with a wide range of funny content and viral videos that made him trend on social media in a short span of time. He carved his niche in the world with his channel.

This has added value to his Instagram page making it a popular page on Instagram, which Is not an easy job. Thus, of late, he has been getting calls from the top digital brands like TikTok, Helo App, Hotstar and Amazon Prime as they have roped him as a social media influencer to get a good crowd for their web channels. He is now busy being the part of these digital streaming giants and allowing them to prosper in the social media world giving them a good digital audience.

You can connect with Manpreet and the funniest page on Instagram by clicking the link below:

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