Answer the quiz and prove that you are a die-hard Palkar fan!

Mithila Palkar fan? Test your trivia with this quiz!

Mithila Palkar! The diva, the beauty, who went viral for her cup song cover, “Hi chaal turu turu”, is now a celebrated actress across the nation. With several web series projects, she has thrived to the top. She is an amazing actor, her performances onscreen are so natural and legit. She has earned millions of fans across the globe; she is an inspiration to the youth of the country.

In any event, you find yourself in a dilemma that whether your claim to be a true Palkar fan is valid, then feel free to answer these uncommon questions of her, and check yourself if you win the crown!

1. Name the first web series of Mithila Palkar.

2. Who is Mithila Palkar’s favourite singer?

3. Could you recall Mithila Palkar’s everyday diet?

4. Name Mithila Palkar’s favourite makeup brand.

5. Could you recall Mithila Palkar’s favourite books?

Let us know your answers in the comment section below! All the best.

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