Rishi Dev talks about his YouTube channel Rimorav Vlogs clocking 300 million views. Read this news here.

One billion views on Rimorav Vlogs is now not far: Rishi Dev on his channel hitting 300 million views

Rimorav Vlogs the YouTube channel which has been the brain child of actors Rishi Dev, Mohena Kumari and Gaurav Wadhwa recently achieved a great milestone of having 300 million channel views.

Rishi Dev in a post on Instagram thanked his ‘Vamily’ for this love and affection showered on them.

IWMBuzz.con contacted Rishi who was jubilant in joy and said, “Thank you for the appreciation. Yes, Rimorav Vlogs has come a long way. And now as we look at this achievement, the thought is that one billion is not far (smiles).”

“While growing up, I have always seen the popular celebrities having more than a billions views on their pages. So I have always wanted to have something on those lines. So yes, 300 million is a huge achievement. Each one of us is very happy,” he adds.

Rimorav Vlogs is working on a new idea. “We are trying something new and everyone is going to love it. We are putting in our hearts to it. We will make the announcement at the right time.”


Way to go, Rimorav Vlogs!!


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