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TVF Tripling's star performer Maanvi Gagroo wasn’t always on the acting path but we are glad that the digital space discovered her talent and how!

Performances by Maanvi Gagroo proves she is one of the best digital actor

Maanvi Gagroo, the very talented and famous actress in web space, has been ruling the digital screen for a very long time and if you see any of her performances till date then you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.
She is somebody who has a fresh face and her acting skills are actually worth discussing at length, but it is her drive to work hard and put in her all that makes us happy every time. However, did you know that acting was never her first choice?

Just like normal people, she also thought of pursuing her career and go with the flow from there on. She’s an extremely skillful Kathak and Jazz dancer and this talent of her was showcased all too well in Disney India’s TV series’ audition named ‘Dhoom Machao Dhoom’ in 2007, where she auditioned and triumphed like the diva that she is.
Even after shooting, she went back after a year. Her big break was when she got a call for the movie ‘Aamras’ and her sister convinced her to take it up and this ended up changing her life forever. And since then she has gotten a lot of offers but she was actually not happy with typical Punjabi girl roles that were being offered to her so she dropped the idea and went back to study psychology in Gargi College.

But once you have taste of acting and get the filmy bug you really cannot take it away from youself, and Manvi felt just that after returning to her profession, and that’s how she ended up enrolling in the theatre circuit. This is where she met Nidhi Bisht of TVF and her journey started off with TVF’s Pitchers and then Tripling.

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