Akhlaque Khan gets chatty about his new web series on ZEE5 and he also talks about his life post marriage

Phone-a-Friend is about reflecting on the core values of friendship, love, hope: Akhlaque Khan

During this lockdown, when phones have truly become our best friends, ZEE5 launched ‘Phone-a-Friend’, a quirky, sci-fi, romantic web series, Written & Directed by Allyson Patel & Yash Dave. The movie is featuring Akhlaque Khan, Mantra and Swati Kapoor in lead roles.

The lead actor Akhlaque Khan, who enthralled audiences in TV show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha gets chatty about his new web series on ZEE5 and he also talks about his life post marriage.


How was your experience working on the series?

I loved it. This is so far my best and most favourite work. I have been with it right from the script stage. I did the dialogues, I helped in casting and I have written 3 songs for it. My directors Yash & Allyson gave me a lot of freedom to explore my full potential.

What is different about Phone-a-Friend?

In the hustle-bustle of our fast lives we had taken everything for granted and look how the world has come to a standstill now, forcing us to reflect on our true core which we had forgotten. And Phone-a-Friend is nothing else but all about reflecting on these core values of friendship, love, hope and what it truly means to be human.

What kind of web show do you like to watch?

I love watching anything that has a good story, screenplay. I do not restrict to any genre.

What were the challenges during the journey?

A lot of challenges. To start with, we had budget constraints so there are a lot of guerrilla shots. One more challenge was to get my look right. I had to look like a loser, to get the walk and dialogues match with that. Finally, to get a big platform like ZEE5.

How was it working with the entire team?

I am blessed to have worked with the most talented people. Writer-director duo Allyson and Yash are very clear in their vision and it shows in their work. My co-star Mantra has made every frame alive with his humor and emotions and Swati is not only beautiful but one of the most sensible actors I have worked with. Music by Tuhin & Somraj is a high plus of this series. Our DOP, Ravivarman has made sure that we look great in every frame.

How is life post marriage, any changes?

Honestly, no. And that’s the reason I keep addressing Jayashree as biwi so that the feeling sinks. And since we have been in lockdown after our wedding, we are getting too much time together. If we survive this then we can go a long way (smiles).

The best thing you like about your partner Jayshree?

Apart from the fact that she asks a lot of questions (she is gonna kill me), she is a very very passionate person and that is one thing that we have in common.

What are you doing during quarantine?

I am cooking, cleaning, reading, making videos, promoting my web series and listening to my wife.

Any final message?

I want to thank all the medical staff, hygiene staff and everyone who is on the front making it easier for us to be in the lockdown. And for those who are at home, I just want to say that this is a brilliant opportunity to reorganize and rediscover yourself. Look at the silver lining. Stay home. Stay safe. Watch my series

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