Nityami Shirke, who is the fashionista PM in the ALTBalaji series gets into a conversation

PM Selfiewallie is light-hearted and high on entertainment: Nityami Shirke

Nityami Shirke, the young NRI talent has already stolen all the limelight for her effervescent portrayal of the fashionista Prime Minister in ALTBalaji’s recently streamed series, PM Selfiewallie.

Acting happened by chance for Nityami and now, she is so much used to being before the camera that she wishes for a long and prosperous journey in the entertainment sector.

In an exclusive chit-chat with, Nityami talks about herself, her first big break and her future ideas.


Tell us about Tanya Thakur, the most interesting PM on the web space now…

(laughs).. Tanya Thakur is purely fun, a positive and ambitious, yet naive girl. She is as clueless as a blank slate board, and does not know what her responsibilities will be towards the country. She actually believes in doing what she feels is right. The best part about her is that she maintains her identity and does whatever she has to do without any trouble. Yes, she does it in a funny way, but in the process of doing it, she does not change herself. Her ideas are refreshing, and come out as her own perspective to the scenario she faces. It is fun that she comes in and turns the whole situation upside down.

So how similar or dissimilar are you from Tanya in real life?

Well, I am positive like her, ambitious and funny too. But I am not as clueless as she is. She is more of a social person, than I am.

She’s a fashionista to the core. What is your thought on fashion?

Yes, she’s a hardcore fashionista. But I am not as big a fashionishta as she is. I enjoy dressing up, but it is not like my whole life revolves around what I wear and look like. I believe in dressing comfortably and this is how you should represent yourself. Above all, I will never judge someone based on what a person is wearing.

So what is the USP of PM Selfiewallie?

The USP of the series is in its entertainment factor and light-heartedness. The girl here tackles big issues, and such a concept has not been tried before on any medium. It is not about whether she is wrong or right. It is all about showcasing a different perspective, a thought that the youth of today has in a larger way. You can also term this as a battle of generations, as it is seen between Tanya and her Dadi.

PM Selfiewallie is light-hearted and high on entertainment: Nityami Shirke

How did you prepare to play the Prime Minister in the series?

The great thing about this role is that there is no reference to her, and she is not somebody you need to read and understand about. It is not based on any politician too. The best part about her is that she does not know anything. She is a blank space and she learns as she does things her way. And like her, I am also learning as I play her. The beauty of Tanya is that she is unaware of what she’s set to do. So I did not need any kind of preparation to play the role. Also she has a strong sixth sense and that’s how she works. I too love this aspect of believing in the sixth sense.

Crime rate has increased in India a lot, especially towards women. How do you react to this?

Nobody is going to support any kind of crime. But yes, many used to not speak up about it, but feel bad for what’s happening around. But now, lots of people have started to open up and condemn the bad. And when actors speak up, it comes in as a big influence. It is very shocking for me to see such terrible incidents happening. I would love to see a change in the scenario; people need to be aware of whatever is happening around them. I will stand by what I feel is right, and that’s how I have been.

Tell us about yourself…

I am from Australia, and it was not a planned move from my side to get into acting. I was in fact holidaying with my family in India when I got few audition offers. It was never a dream of mine to be an actor. Now that I have shot this series and understood it all, I have completely fallen for it. I am totally hooked to being an actor.

You are a gifted dancer too.

Yes, I have learned quite a lot of dancing. It is my passion.

PM Selfiewallie is light-hearted and high on entertainment: Nityami Shirke 1

So what is your future plan?

I am taking one day at a time. I want to be here and do quite a lot of good work. I want to do roles that I am passionate about, and believe I can do justice to. I want to do work that I will be proud of.

What are the other kinds of genres you are interested in?

Well, comedy has been really good on me. I love the genre too. If you ask me, my dream is to do a biopic, maybe a sports related work.

Are you open to work on TV?

Yes, I am, but that will depend on the story and the role offered.

So are you ready to work for longer schedules on TV?

I don’t think that will ever be a problem. As an actor, I will have to do that and I will not move away from it.

Aspirations to do a film?

Yes, it will be amazing to do a film. But yes, the digital platform too shoots exactly like what happens in a movie. Also there are some amazing concepts being made on the web space. So digital and movies will be what I will look forward to.

Wish you luck, Nityami!!

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