India’s biggest female creator Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane needs no introduction!

She is one of the popular names among people on the digital platform today and her charm is all too irresistible. But it wasn’t always so smooth for this young YouTube star, who like most people, started off on a different path and found her calling mid-way. But Prajakti Koli did what most people wouldn’t dare to- she took a leap of faith and decided to check out what was in store for her.

Aspiring to be a radio jockey, Koli’s internship at a radio channel stopped Midway when a channel producer took one of her random videos as an upload worthy content and told her maybe she had a future in that. So she took to the digital space and look at where this starlet has reached now, with her utter determination, hard-work and total persistence. She contemplated it for a while, decided her radio career was going nowhere and that she was miserable there when she finally decided to have a go at YouTube. She created her YouTube channel named “Mostly Sane” in 2015.

Prajakta has been working relentlessly over the years and has created a digital legacy with millions of fans being inspired by her content. But her real success came in when another one of her videos ‘Types of people on Whatsapp groups’ went viral which led her in the right direction to reach 3 million subscribers.

Today, the girl successfully completed four million subscribers on YouTube. The young content creator celebrated the achievement by cake cutting ceremony. Here have a look at the video! Congratulations Prajakta!

View Instagram Post 1: Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane completes four million YouTube subscribers