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Read to know Prajakta Koli’s net worth, Dating History and controversies

Prajakta Koli’s Net Worth, Dating History and Controversies REVEALED

Prajakta Koli the incredibly popular YouTuber who is known by her name on YouTube, Mostly Sane relates her everyday life circumstances and whatever she sees around her in her videos. Which is why her videos are always so intriguing to watch.

Prajakta began her YouTube divert in the year 2015, and before long picked up in name and popularity. She worked as RJ but realised that it won’t work out for her. Eventually, she began her YouTube channel.

Net worth

As per media reports, the net worth of Prajakta Koli as of 2020 is $27.2K to $435K yearly.

Dating History

As per media reports, the YouTuber is currently dating “Vrishank Khanal”. The two have posted several pictures together on their social media profiles. Here are some of them.


Prajakta Koli hasn’t been into any controversy lately. Though as per news, we have come to know that how unethically she has been trolled by several on social media. But she always handles the hate with positivity and creativity.

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