Check out what Saba Saudagar has to say on battling PCOD and fitness

I had to put double effort on my fitness because of PCOD – Saba Saudagar

Saba Saudagar’s beauty and charm are no secret to the entertainment industry. She’s already proven her mettle as an actress to quite an extent with shows like Gandi Baat & Boo Sabki Phategi and as she herself likes to believe, ‘The journey has just started.’

Saba is someone who puts immense amount of effort on her fitness and her workout videos on social media certainly inspire a lot of women to take care of their bodies. But having suffered from PCOD for a long time, the journey of weight loss hasn’t really been an easy one for Saba. So how did she actually make it? We quote,

“Well, since I had PCOD, it became all the way more difficult to workout and look fit. The thing with people suffering from PCOD is that the amount of workout sufficient for an average human being for being fit is never really enough for a PCOD patient as the ‘chubby’ nature still reflects. So, I had to put double effort on my fitness because of PCOD. Today, I don’t really care what and how others think of me. I only do what I want to do to satisfy just myself and that’s enough for my happiness.”

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