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We can’t wait to get our hands on more exciting videos from Prajakta Koli, the reigning queen of YouTube.

We rate the top five videos of youtube queen Prajakta Koli

She is only 24 but Indian Youtuber Prajakta Koli has already achieved what many would still simply be dreaming of and making plans to achieve. She has become the queen of YouTube and of course India’s most famous female comedy creator at such a young age, but what we are certain of is that this pretty lady deserved it all and much more.
Koli is a true Mumbaikar at heart, who was born and brought up here and completed her Graduation in Media Sciences from Mumbai University.

While growing up she had always dreamt of becoming a Radio Jockey. And she achieved that dream when she finished her education and joined as an intern at a Radio Station. While making random videos one day, she ran into someone from the entertainment industry who instantly saw potential in her and encouraged her to pursue it and that is how YouTuber Prajakta Koli came to be!

Let’s look at her top 5 videos, which gained her a massive fan following and made her a youth icon almost instantly –

“No offense – Creators for change” with 12 million views. This video is one of her most well-received videos of all and millions of YouTube viewers have added it to their watch list, making her a hit almost overnight.

“Types of people in a college canteen” with 9.7 million views and still going strong!

“Audition gone wrong ft. Asish Chanchalani” with 9 million views. It is also one of the audience favorites because she teamed up with another Indian YouTube celeb Ashish Chanchlani!

“Types of friends” with 9 million views. Yet another crackling video from Prajakta Koli and a sheer delight as well.

“Shameless” with 7.6 million views is also one of those videos that received more views than one can imagine and almost instantly after it was uploaded.

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