The video "My Duty" says "Tell your school/college teachers to include awareness programs in their curriculum. Sex education should be mandatory".

Reasons to watch Bhuvan Bam’s latest release ‘My Duty’

YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam has come up with a video “My Duty”, with wrath over the barbaric gang rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad reaching a boiling point. The video explains what is needed more, than just expressing anger.

In the video, he explains the importance of sex education and its role in hampering rapes in the country.

The video, released recently, has garnered over 9.5M views on YouTube. Bhuvan was appreciated by people on Twitter.

Bhuvan, in the video, says, “Agar tum sochte ho ki ladkio ke rape unke der bahar rukne ya sharab peene se ho rahe hai. .. toh jo aisi soch rakhta hai woh bhi ek rapist se kam nahin hai,”.
He also urged people to change their mindset towards girls.

You shouldn’t miss out on his video as it’s each Indian’s responsibility to curb this evil in the country.

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