Siddharth Nigam, one of the prolific child actors, who has wowed us with his splendid acting skills and fashion updos. From the big screen to small screen, Nigam has given us some glimpses of his spectacular work and talent. As of now, he is known as our beloved Aladdin and is adored by the youth of the country.

Not just splendid acting skills, he is also a fitness freak and is extremely cautious about his diet and fitness routine. His abs are something we could die for. Now not just that, he is also a pro-gymnast altogether and has earned appreciation for his gymnastic skills all across the globe. And today we are up with his simple diet meal plan, that you can follow to get a fit and healthy body like him.

During an interview, he proclaimed, “For me, fitness is everything. It doesn’t only mean going to the gym and lifting weights but one has to stay fit and feel fit. Fitness plays a really important role in everyone”s life, be it youngsters or older people too. In today’s fast-paced life, it is very important to keep your mind, body and soul fit,” He also added, “Just believe in yourself and on whatever kind of workout you do. The key is to know your limits and keep pushing yourself to achieve your fitness goals. I love eating, and I believe it is okay to eat whatever one feels like but at the same time, it is important to keep a tab on junk food intake,” but being a fitness freak he also admitted that he is a crazy pizza lover too. He said, “I find it difficult to resist it. Hence, I never miss having pizza during my cheat days,”