Abhishek Bajaj the young actor who made a commanding impact with his recent OTT release Your Honor 2 on SonyLIV is looking for promising work to come his way!! He was also part of the recent film Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui.

Abhishek played the full-of-life character of Aman, the pop singer in the series.

“I had to be at the top of my looks in the series. The character was a spoilt brat and to play him, I had to get reading and seeing various documentaries. I saw clippings of guys who were high on drugs.”

Abhishek thanks his stars for bagging this role as the character needed an aura as he was a pop singer who was the ‘jaan’ of every party. “I think personality was the main criteria for bagging this role. Also, a good audition was needed of course and also the ability to speak and look like a Punjabi.”

Talking about the third season of Your Honor, Abhishek states, “One can expect bigger things to happen in the 3rd season. If you have seen both the seasons of Your Honor, you will understand that even the underdog in the first season started to rule the premise in Season 2. So Season 3 will be out of the box. It is going to be superb.”

Way to go, Abhishek!!