Iqbal Khan who was recently seen in Shitty Ideas Trending short film for Raksha Bandhan talks about his love for shorts.

Shorts give you creative satisfaction:  Iqbal Khan

Veteran actor Iqbal Khan, who was seen in Raksha Bandhan short film Rakshak made for SIT, loves the format.

Says Iqbal, “I have done several shorts over the years, for they offer you lots of creativity.”

“Many a times, I have done it for free as the directors couldn’t afford the cost. After being in the industry for several years, it is my job to give back. This is one of the reasons why many of them don’t even get noticed as they don’t have marketing budgets.”

“Shorts are totally a film maker’s domain. A good director is able to tell a story in 5 minutes flat. This medium is often used by directors as their show reel.”

“As for us actors, we need to go beyond good acting, which is a given today. We need to add our personality,” says Iqbal Khan.

“The biggest challenge is logistics, for the makers never have enough budgets, and many times we have to shoot quietly as there is no money to pay for locations.”

Returning to his association with SIT, he says, “I have known producer-director Mohit Hussein for years, having worked together in shows like Chhoona Hai Asman. He has smartly fused concepts of brother-sister love with fatherly love and patriotism. I was a part of their other Rakhi film last year as well.”

For the moment, Iqbal is not looking at TV. “I am in talks for an interesting web series. This new format has come up with exceptional content like Sacred Games and Made in Heaven.”

His last TV show was Dil Se Dil Tak.

“I am happy that the initial overplay of sex and abuse is out. And let’s face it, not all shows, like Sacred Games 2, need it as well.”

“TV needs to come out of its play safe mode. I hope a game-changer like Balika Vadhu comes along and we are forced to change.”

“The best thing is I don’t get how we can’t think beyond supernatural and historicals, given that the top 3 rated shows, i.e. Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are your staple family drama.”

Iqbal, who had greyed his hair for both TV and web, has no problem in showing off a salt and pepper stubble. “That is how men of my age look. But that does not mean you make me a father of a 20-year-old. My real daughter is just 8.”

“There are mature male lead roles that go beyond just the lover boy image, but yes, they are few and far between.”

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