Donal Bisht who will be seen playing the role of Sasha Pink in the first-ever musical web-series The Socho Project gets into an exclusive conversation with

The Socho Project will be hailed by viewers for its true projection of the music industry: Donal Bisht

The Socho Project the first-ever musical web-series will be based on the lives of the aspiring artistes in the country. The web-series has given the artistes the perfect platform to express their creativity while staying true to their composition. The series created by Abhigyan Jha and Mrinal Jha will have 25 original music tracks.

The series features Lopa Mudra Raut, Gaurav Khanna, Sahil Vaid, Donal Bisht  and many others.

We at talked to Donal on her scintillating makeover for this one-of-a-kind web-series.

Says Donal, “I am playing the character of Sasha -a popular reality star in the show, a known face with huge following even before her first album comes out. Her dream is to be the Indian Madonna. Sasha is loved by everyone but no one knows what she has sacrificed to make the climb to the top. Fame is not easy to come and Sasha knows how to play the game of high stakes.”

“When I was narrated this character I found it challenging yet interesting. I had never played something so intriguing before – someone who has so many layers to her personality. My fans will witness a new Donal Bisht through this character, contrary to the existing innocent and sweet “Indian Bahu” that I have been known for in the television space. So to summarize I would say, Sasha has a very unique story to tell – likes of which perhaps people have not seen yet,” she adds.

On her personal experience shooting for The Socho Project, Donal exclaims, “The Socho Project is a true projection of the music industry. Owing to the current scenario where known singers have voiced out their feelings exposing the Bollywood Mafias I think the first ever musical web series will do justice to independent artists and will be hailed by viewers for its real – life projection and relatability. Additionally on a personal note, I would like to say there are so many steps one has to take before the launch of a song that goes from writing a skeleton of the song, back to back drafts, composing the song and finally the song gets mature and ready to be heard. I learnt that every time the song is performed there is something new or fun to add to it and the process keeps elevating the track until the final cut. I truly understood the process of music making and the many emotions that it requires to resonate with the audience. Indeed music is an art and one has to synchronize their heart with their mind to make it meaningful. This project has been quite a journey and I am happy with the outcome.”

On the recently launched track – Shameless Warrior, Donal feels, “Shameless Warrior is a lyrics backed song that motivates a woman to pursue her dreams and position herself as a bold, fierce warrior in the society. It powers them to be ‘shameless’ urging them to wear their heart on their sleeves and breaking the norm while having the the‘I can’ attitude…to move in just one direction – and that is forward!”

On her digital debut in the role of Sasha Pink, Donal avers, “I have worked for a lot of TV shows in my career and now I have entered the OTT space with a very different character which I have not portrayed before. With the release of my first look as Sasha I was overwhelmed with the response of my fans. They were extremely enthused about it and lauded the new avatar. Also, I think my fan base has touched the skies and not just them but my family and friends are equally excited to watch Sasha Pink on their screens. I have been flooded with DMs and comments on my social media handles as my fans are all intrigued to know about my new project and particularly my character.”

“I have always believed in versatility as an actor and have sworn by good content. I was constantly exploring multiple sectors of Bollywood and was waiting for the right opportunity to make the transition to web. I am grateful to Abhigyan sir for considering me for this project – I literally jumped at the offer because it was interesting, relevant and purposeful. Also, I wanted to do something beyond my comfort zone and I couldn’t have asked for a better role than Sasha- a rockstar, a popstar and a sensation! Although the project is yet to launch, I have already garnered a lot of appreciation post the track launches, poster launch and the trailer launch. I am delighted to have embarked on this journey with The Socho Project.”

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