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Aditi Mittal is an icon in the world of stand-up comedy and we are sure her jokes set everyone on a laughter riot.

Stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal best moments that will make you lol

Aditi Mittal has grown in to one of the most influential celebs in India and has successfully changed the notion that ‘women cannot make anybody laugh’ to becoming the best comedian who is the second one to produce her Netflix special named ‘Things they wouldn’t let me say’.

She’s somebody who is unapologetic and her main reason of fame is her ingenuity. She’s fearless and her range of topics are menstruation, sex, bra shopping and what not, and her content creation is on a whole other level.
Here are a few of her best on-stage moments that would make anybody go ga-ga over her:

‘Beta lovely comedy, but…. Do your parents know that you are saying all these things on stage?’ His concern for my love life was heart-warming.

“With all the horrible stories about women coming out of India today, it horrifies me that the fact that I have not been left dead in a ditch with my head chopped off in spite of speaking my mind, is a reason to celebrate.”

Saying the words ‘sanitary napkins’ in public is like standing in Hogwarts common room and saying ‘Voldemort’.

“I was not aware, when I started out, that a woman doing comedy was supposed to be as rare as a monkey being able to quote Shakespeare.”

Time and again Aditi Mittal has showcased her prowess with stand-up gigs and raised her voice against various issues of the society, the best way she can – with her content. We are glad to have brooding comedians like her who are inspiring women all over the world to consider Stand-up Comedy as an equally amazing career opportunity if that is what they desire. You go girl, you totally go all the way!

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