Unknown facts about TVF fame Jitendra Kumar

Unravelling lesser known facts about Jitendra Kumar

Unknown facts about TVF fame Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar is now a popular name amongst youngsters. Be it Jeetu in TVF Pitchers, Arvind Kejriwal’s caricature in Barely Speaking with Arnub or Gittu in Permanent Roommates, his roles are captivating, humourous and will make you go LOL. His roles are appreciated by a lot of Bollywood celebs and he has helped TVF a lot to make it a super hit web platform that it is today. To many people’s surprise, he even has done some small stints in Bollywood movies and is regarded as a very hard working individual by his friends and colleagues.

Growing up he was a big Bollywood fan and would watch movies for countless hours and listen to Gulzar songs all day long. Being a Bollywood keeda all his life, acting was meant to be his prefereed profession and you can clearly see that in his roles in TVF.

There are some unknown things about the person that you don’t know about. So read about some of the facts about your very own JEETU.

He has a Civil Engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. He is super intelligent and talented

He watched interviews of Arvind Kejriwal for over 2 months to master the role Arvind

Kejriwal in TVF’s Barely Speaking with Arnub. Hardworking, we must say

He played a taxi driver in 2008 year thriller A Wednesday

He is a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan

He is very fashion cautious and likes being stylish.

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