Read to know some of the unknown facts of CarryMinati 

Unknown Facts About Carryminati Fame Ajey Nagar’s Life

Ajey Nagar, the roast king, ideally known as CarryMinati had started his excursion as a gamer, he used to exhibit his gaming abilities in his channel and increased a humongous fan base in the virtual world, later he presented himself as CarryMinati and began making Roast videos. As of now, Carry’s recent roast video is setting new goals for the aspiring YouTubers of the country, that is TikTok vs YouTube, where he is found roasting Amir Siddiqui, a renowned TikTok star, which stated as super hilarious by Carry’s fans. The video has reached over 38million views in 2days! It was quite a colossal moment for the Indians. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down by YouTube, and Carry’s fans are all out and are unapologetically vocal for Carry’s justice.

Saying that CarryMinati is all over the news now, and here we are up with some unknown facts of CarryMinati that you probably never knew before. ‘

1. He is into YouTube when he was just 10 years old.

2. CarryMinati is a professional gamer, in fact, the channel he owns now used to showcase his gaming videos.

3. Earlier, CarryMinati never used to showcase himself in front of the camera.

4. At first, the name of his channel was AddictedA1, later CarryDeol and eventually CarryMinati.

5. He has earned 5 YouTube creator awards till date.

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