We wanted to create something different on a unique platform: Chhavi Mittal on Shitty Ideas Trending

Chhavi Mittal talks about her popular YouTube channel Shitty Ideas Trending.

We wanted to create something different on a unique platform: Chhavi Mittal on Shitty Ideas Trending

Popular TV actress and co-founder of modish YouTube channel Shitty Ideas Trending, Chhavi Mittal, is ruling the digital platform with her web shows.

Chhavi is a known name in the space of performing arts. In Indian television, she has weaved magic with her commendable acts in shows like Bandini, Naaginn, Teen Bahuraaniyaan and Krishnadasi.

Creative to the core, her acting deftness took a new flight with the launch of Shitty Ideas Trending.

“The idea was to take a break from TV. We wanted to create something different on a unique platform. We sketched the characters to connect with the audience. They are relatable and light-hearted.  I and my husband Mohit Hussein, who is the founder of SIT, wanted to work on a project which would be creatively challenging and also allow us to spend time with each other (smiles). Shitty Ideas Trending has brought us closer,” says Chhavi to Indianwikimedia.

Chhavi is a quintessential all rounder. She is an amazing actress, a wonderful dancer and a mellifluous singer. Amazingly, she writes as well as acts in her web stories.

“I like creating and executing more than being the face. It gives me a different high. I completely supervised the production of our latest show Bin Bulaye Mehmaan, and it was great fun.”

It is admirable that in the competitive content space, Shitty Ideas Trending weaves videos which get instant virality. Apart from scripting and smart production, appearance of popular TV celebs also puts extra wheels to the initiative.

“If my friends show interest, we discuss and get them on board. I have learnt a lot from my husband about creating videos as he is a master. Yes, we are all working together and I thank everyone for the love & support.”

Humble and honest…appreciate her attitude.

Professionally, Chhavi has been on a high, so we ask her to share a bit about her personal life as well.

“I have become a better and more mature person post marriage. Now, I look at things with a different perspective. When I was single, I used to behave childishly. I have grown as a person. Motherhood has also taught me many new aspects about life. Both the phases have been beautiful and have changed me for better.”

Wish her more happiness. So is she returning to TV anytime soon?  “I would love to. Whatever I achieved is due to my work on TV. However, I won’t sign random shows. A prominent lead character in a good show is what I am looking for,” Chhavi ends.

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