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Swati Vatssa who is seen in Bindass Originals’ series, A Girl in the City Season 3 gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com

I will love to play the ‘simple Indian girl’ that resides deep down within me: Swati Vatssa

Actor and model Swati Vatssa is presently entertaining viewers yet again in the role of Sameera, Meera’s close friend in Bindass Originals’ A Girl in the City Season 3.

This season which mostly dwells on the amazing friendship that Meera (Mithila Palkar), Karthik (Rajat Barmecha) and Sameera share, has given Swati an excellent shoot ambience again.

In a conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Swati talks about her journey of being part of the three seasons of the most-acclaimed Bindass series.

Says Swati who hails from Delhi and shifted to Mumbai predominantly to become a fashion designer, “I wanted to get into the line of styling and fashion designing. However, I was told by my well-wishers that I had to work it out on being an actor. That is when I gave it a thought and shut my workshop and looked for acting options. Frankly the idea was that I could do fashion designing at any age, but needed to prove my mettle as an actor first.”

This started Swati’s acting journey wherein she joined theatre and did quite a lot of workshops. “In quick time, I realized that acting field is meant for me. I have always been a very expressive person. In modelling, one cannot express as much as one could in acting. I am still into modelling, but acting has become something that I really enjoy.”

“When A Girl in the City Season 1 came to me, I was really apprehensive as I had to play just a hot girl wearing short skirts. But when I met the Director, I got to know that I had quite a lot to offer as Meera’s best friend and contribute to the series. Post this, my life has changed with people recognizing me everywhere. Everywhere that I go, be it the gym, airport, mall, people do come up to me and talk to me about Sameera. When we did Season 1, we did not know that the subsequent seasons will happen. But now that we are into Season 3, we have got so much love and affection from our fans. So far so good, I will say!!”

On the USP of Season 3, Swati avers, “As we all know, the USP of Season 1 was the journey of Meera from a small town to the city, how her friends encouraged her in following her dreams. Season 2 was about her work place, and her romantic life. Season 3 is all about Meera, Sameera and Karthik’s chemistry. Obviously, the series is based on Meera’s journey and how she achieves her dreams. But it also shows how she encourages her friends, and how her friends are there for her. It’s about friendship and how to go about their dreams with the support system got.”

Talking about her character and its progression, Swati states, “As I said, Season 3 covers the friendship that the three of them share. There will be a lot of Meera, Kartik and Sameera together. Viewers will also see the relationship angles as well. You will see that even after three years, they are so much close as friends. People are going to relate quite a lot with our characters. Sameera has been a shopaholic, and impulsive. Meera has always got Sameera out of trouble. I can say that Sameera might again get into a problem, with Meera helping her out.”

On the great equation the three of them share off the screen, Swati quips, “Mithila and I have been great friends ever since Season 1 happened. Rajat and I stay very close in Andheri, and have been in touch. In Season 2, all the three of us did not have a lot of scenes together. Season 3 is a welcome change as we have had lot of scenes together. Everyday at work was amazing time; we used to spend time together. We are so close to our characters, that it was real fun playing them.”

Ask the talented young actress about the reasons why all the three seasons of A Girl in the City have been extremely popular amongst youth and she immediately states, “There is not one reason for its success. There are many, and the simplest reason being that the story is very simple and everyone can relate to it. The best part is that we are not shown to be perfect characters; everyone has made their own mistakes. And this is also so very relatable as all humans have their good as well as bad aspects. Also, the fact that Meera goes after her dreams and wants to achieve it spreads positivity. The character of Kartik is so very relatable. All these factors have entertained the youth and hence the series is so very popular.”

On her association with Bindass, Swati says, “I have not shot for any other series with Bindass except for the seasons of A Girl in the City. It has been a great association with the Bindass team.”

Swati who has mostly bagged roles of donning the modern look will want to show the Indian side in her too. “As an actor, I am very greedy when it comes to the challenges I get to face. I have mostly been offered the urban hot girl, but I like to play the simple girl as well. Deep down within me, resides the simple Indian girl and I will love to portray this side of me as well. Also I will want to play a complicated character as I love to study human beings and their behaviour.”

Lastly, on the growing popularity of the digital space, Swati has this to say. “I agree that the popularity of web shows is on the rise. This is a great time to be in the industry for actors, directors, technicians etc. 7-8 years back, when I came to Mumbai, people used to talk about working either on TV or in films. But now, the content available on the digital platform is so great that we have another new medium open for us. Also, the convenience factor is there with the web space. We are constantly on the run in the time space we are in. I do not know of anyone who has the time to sit and watch TV. Hence, this medium which can be watched at our convenience, at the given place is the best option available. Also, for actors, the visibility factor is quite good on the digital platform.”

Way to go, Swati!!

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