Preetika Rao speaks to IWMBuzz post Coronavirus scare

I wonder if eating a dead animal’s flesh can ever be hygienic or healthy – Preetika Rao

Beautiful and award-winning actor Preetika Rao attributes the on-going coronavirus outbreak to karma.

“This is an inexplicable phenomenon! It’s almost like mother nature is asking man to slow down and weigh his actions… We have done nothing to deserve to be killed by a zoonotic virus that has its source from an animal as it’s believed. I could be wrong … but think about it … Man has been breeding animals, caging them, and torture-killing them for the pleasure of his taste-buds since generations! And today we are caged in our homes with a lock-down scenario with a virus let loose to kill humanity…and we don’t know if life will ever be the same again!”

“All cultures or religions have animal-sacrifice as a one-day ritual, but God never asked man to mass-breed different species and kill them daily for the pleasure of his tongue. “It is also amusing …that while we eat some animal species, we detest our fellow humans for eating other animal species of their choice! Flesh is flesh .. and I wonder if eating a dead animal’s flesh for proteins can ever be hygienic or healthy!” expresses the actress who believes that we are incapacitated at the age of six to know what we are biting into…when parent’s first introduce animal flesh as food on the table.

Preetika who gave up non-vegetarian food at the age eleven says, “I was grateful to get the right information at the right age about vegetarianism from my aunt who lives in California and I remember telling myself that I will grow up to be proud of my decision of giving up meat if I did it right-away… without succumbing to the temptation of taste which is though for a child! ”

Preetika also concludes her theory with an environmental standpoint expressing, ” I believe that enormous amount of water is wasted to sustain, feed and bathe animals and tons of grains are wasted to feed them until they grow and end-up on the table as man’s ‘one-time-meal’ …we can feed millions of people with that quantity of water and grains saved.”

Preetika who became popular with her TV Show Beintehaa on Colors is waiting for the release of her upcoming web series ” Love Sorries ” and says that she and her sister Amrita Rao gave up non-vegetarian food at the same time much to the surprise of their parents who ate meat.

“My dad felt it was just a phase in our life and we would get back to meat-eating but we both still continue to be proud vegetarians and now, seeing the coronavirus disaster, in hindsight, my father has also decided to turn a vegetarian like most of my friends who have confided in me that they have contemplated to give-up meat-eating as a part of their diet! ” says the actress who strongly supports the cause for the ethical treatment of animals.

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