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The workshops before the shoot helped us to prepare a lot – Ritwik Bhowmik and Shreya Chaudhry on Bandish Bandits

Amazon Prime’s upcoming musical drama ‘Bandish Bandits’ is certainly one of the most anticipated shows on OTT. On one hand, the project stars a veteran like Naseeruddin Shah and on the other hand, it has talented individuals like Ritwik and Shreya who are taking baby steps in the gigantic world of cinema and acting.

Both Ritwik and Shreya are relatively new actors looking forward to making a mark in the industry and when we asked them as to how did they prepare in the initial stages to get their chemistry right, they said and we quote,

“We focussed on keeping it as natural as possible, to be honest. Also, the workshops that Anand sir made us do earlier before shoot helped us a lot. We knew we had some serious work in front and preparation was the key. So we did our workshops seriously and it certainly helped build chemistry.”

When asked further about the experience and learnings after working with someone like Naseeruddin Shah, they added,

“Naseeruddin sir is an institution in himself when it comes to the art of acting. But the best part about him is not that. The best part about him is whenever he is on sets, he never brings with himself any baggage of being ‘The Naseeruddin Shah’. He has been extremely warm and loving to both of us and although initially, we were in awe of him, slowly and steadily we earned the confidence to gel well with him and since then, the bond has only grown stronger. We are glad and fortunate to have worked with someone like Naseer sir at such an early stage of our career.”

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