Review of ALTBalaji series Medically Yourrs: Fun peek into an MBBS student’s life | IWMBuzz reviews the recently launched ALTBalaji series, Medically Yourrs. Read it here.

Review of ALTBalaji series Medically Yourrs: Fun peek into an MBBS student’s life

In ten years down the road if your GP is your friend, he will treat you with both medicine and swears.

Well this is the impression we have got about future doctors, checking out the new ALTBalaji series Medically Yourrs.

Welcome to Kolkata medical college (KIMS) where you meet stud Abir Basu (Shantanu Maheshwari) who is forced by family pressure to study medicine as opposed to pursuing his dream career of music.

His rival is his childhood sweetheart Nibedita (Nityaami Shirke) who is the apple of his cardiac surgeon father Dr. Basu’s (Bijay Anand) eyes.

No wonder he resorts to every dirty trick in the book to get her off tangent i.e making her drink before an important exam or trying to hook her up with the other guy Akshay (Mrinal Dutt).

Nibedita always had the hots for Abir, but he never gave her time of the day in that department. But interestingly when he sees Nibedita and Akshay cozying up he gets jealous and tries to break them up.

He has a bunch of hostel roomies with their own share of quirks; one of them wants to lay the sexy Chandini mam (more about this professor later). The other finds it suffocating to handle a long distance relationship with a possessive gal and his studies.

On the other side Nibedita has a hot female friend who does not mind making out with her fellow student in the dorm just to overcome study pressure.

Most of the students seem to love their booze, will it not affect concentration?

The series show the fears of students, imagine trooping in a mock test and then being told that if you flunk, you can’t appear for the real exam.

But Abir being an over smart guy takes personal late night lessons with the above sexy teacher essayed by Shruti Bapna. She seems to have a thing for younger boys, sleeping with other students as well.

Interestingly she is also mother of one of the male students. Imagine what hell will break loose if he comes to know that his mate Abir had it going with his mother (watch the ending to know more). Shruti has done a superb job, can’t be easy portraying such a dark character.

Just when Abir and Nibedita patch up, he gets a message from an ex once again pouring cold water on his romance, who said romance was easy.

Shantanu is spot on bringing out the relaxed student attitude with élan. He contrasts this equally well with frustration when his plan comes crashing down like a deck of cards.

Nityaami ably represents the modern Indian girl who wants to have fun, yet retain values (her admission of being a virgin).

Mrinal Dutt is good in the character he has been given to play.

Bijay Anand is again perfect as the father who does not want to understand his son’s dreams.

Most youngsters will share similar feelings as Abir has about overbearing parents.

Shubhavi Choksey (Anurag’s mother in Kasautii Zindagii Kay) seems to be wasted here as Abir’s mother, who just says Khabar kheyecho? (had your meal)

The series also shows the sheer pressure would-be doctors face before getting the honour to wear the white coat. Not all can take the stress, some drop out, others commit suicide.

We just had one issue, it is not easy to quit the comfort of home and living on one’s will. Hope this is part is dealt with it in the sequel.

The entire series is quite breezy; there is the eagerness to see what happens next. Also the 20 odd minutes sitcom time is just apt. Watching 50 minutes drama on your mobile screen is a tad tough, we personally loose interest.

The direction (series director Abhijit Das) and cinematography is also very light and easy.

The background commentary funnily describes in street language what the characters endure.

One thing what we liked was that although sex did play an important part in the narrative, (what else would youngsters in early twenties expect to do) it has not been shown much. A relief from other web shows which start, stay and end with in between the sheets action.

Costumes are also very normal (college and hostel wear) and none of the girls are shown dressed in hot pants.

Last but not the least, the original sound track containing a common bong swear sounds peppy and foot taping.

We credit Medically Yourrs with 3 out of 5 stars.

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