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Review of Amazon Prime’s horror –thriller movie Durgamati

Review Of Amazon Prime’s Durgamati: Revenge saga replete with thrills and chills

Amazon Prime Video, the streaming network, has been churning out some interesting, engaging and diverse-interest content since its launch in India.

Its latest movie Durgamati, a horror-thriller, is a no non-sense entertainer.

Durgamati has a premise that is edge-on-the-seat and its twists & turns keep you on tenterhooks.

Without spilling out much about the plot, we must state that the plot and sub-plots have all necessary pot-boiler ingredients… ghost encounter/s, viper fanged politicians, dramatic fire spurting sequences, and also a love story with dollops of dishoom dishoom. Go grab your popcorn!!!

What starts as a tale of ghost inflicted chill, eventually turns out to be a revenge tale for the betterment of society.

So is Chanchal Chauhan really plagued by Durgamati’s ghost or she has been faking it all along? Well, to find the answer, subscribe to Amazon Prime and watch it. If we tell more, the thrill would fizzle.

Durgamati moves at a fast pace (Usain Bolt will be proud), and weaves one twist into another.

It picks up steam towards the second half when knots of malice start untangling one after another.

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The dramatics of Bhumi as Durgamati with flying curtains and high-toned dialogues grip senses. Special mention of the scene when Chanchal hammers her palm with a nail on the wall, it’s ghastly to the core.

The setting of the old haunted palace is captured well as the camera lingers to capture the veneer of fear and suspense. The background score accentuates the fright.

Mahie Gill, Amit Behl, Karan Kapadia, Jisshu Sengupta act their part with prowess, however, Durgamati’s strength comes from some fine seasoned performances by Bhumi Pednekar and Arshad Warsi.

Bhumi displays great command in demeanour and expressions while oscillating between the real and ghost characters while Arshad thumps his authority as the diabolical dubious blood & money thirsty shrewd politician.

The ‘Arabic speaking’ twist at the end will leave you wanting for more.

Watch it for sheer entertainment.

IWMBuzz rates it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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