Review of Hotstar Special's Hostages by Applause Entertainment

Review of Hotstar’s Hostages: A gripping tale that keeps you hooked till the end 

Starcast – Ronit Roy Bose, Tisca Chopra, Parvin Dabbas, Dalip Tahil

A total thriller from Applause Entertainment & Banijay Asia Productions. After a long time, a good series that totally grips you.

Hostages is an unbelievable story of the Anand family that resides in the high society of Delhi who have the best of everything in life. The story revolves around Dr. Mira Anand, who is a surgeon at a renowned hospital, her husband Sanjay Anand, who is a school principal, their two grown up children, Shovan Anand & Shaina Anand, and their pet. What can really go wrong with a more than well to do family leading a peaceful life?

So here comes the drama in the form of Prithvi Singh and his team. They enter the lives of the Anands and make them hostages. What you get to watch then is the struggle of the family to deal with their kidnappers, which has been excellently portrayed. There are no unnecessary scenes and not much use of cuss language.

The story unfolds slowly, giving time to the viewer to judge and analyze the next move. Suspense keeps building up from one episode to another, forcing you to want to keep watching. The character of Dr. Mira Anand has been showcased really well, portraying her as a strong lady with intelligence and how she manages the situation with calm, putting her brain cells to good use. Being a famous surgeon has a price, which she then has to bear.

As a viewer, you will expect the worst from the kidnappers but it comes as a big surprise to see that they have an emotional and considerate side too. For once you wish all kidnappers were as understanding as Prithvi Singh.The high use of emotional quotient between the kidnappers and the hostages is worth watching. There are not much unbelievable things but yet you wonder why in the world did they not go to the police whenever they had the opportunity. Right when one is thinking this, there is a new revelation.

It’s only towards the end that you get to know the real story, but by then, one would have tried to put the pieces together and wait to know more. Seasoned actors Ronit Roy and Tisca Chopra have brilliantly played their parts. Their emotional vs intelligence act has been captured very well by the director Sudhir Mishra. The remaining starcast too has supported well.

Overall a good series to binge watch when one has time on hand. Good treatment to the story, gripping till then end. It leaves you with wanting to know the details.

3.5/5 is our rating for Hostages.


(Written by Media Veteran Neeta Thakare)

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