IWMBuzz reviews Jennifer Winget and Tanuj Virwani's latest offering on Voot Select titled 'Code M Season 2'

Review Of Code M Season 2: Jennifer Winget fires back on battlefield, Tanuj Virwani curves real twist to the plot

A sheer collaboration of compatibility is what we pronounce as we dive into the second season of Code M. With the perfect ornaments, chronology and fierce understanding of what the audience needs, Code M fires back on board with more twists and curls for the buffs. Helmed by Akshay Choubey, and created by Ektaa R Kapoor, a thumping showcase of cinematography, plot and sequences is a given! Not too over the top, the series with 20-25 minutes each episode doesn’t drain your mind. Nonetheless, the brilliant pulls off of the characters by the finest, make the show a wholesome one.

Right in the beginning, the series starts on an establishing note on what the series is all about, even though the setting looked not too believable in the foreground, but it still manages to give you a nail-biting row from the very start. But the ‘cat trial’ to test how powerful the poison is to kill the CM could have been avoided, however, if it’s to make evident how gruesome the antagonists are, then it is justified. With this, the series slowly grips on the plot, with Jennifer Winget aka Major Monica sharpening her target skills while reminiscing her past life, giving us an idea of the sacrifices the Army makes, but however, the narrative changes when the tables turn on the woman’s side.

Jennifer Winget as Major Monica fires back on the battlefield! With her strong, poised orations, intimidating rustic voice, and chasing the suspects; Winget marks sheer brilliance with her honest chops in all the episodes. She is confident, she is bold, and she is dauntless. When Major Monica is in charge, her seniors go blind-fold, as they know, she is going to give it all! Nevertheless, Winget serves the purpose well too.

Tanuj Virwani aka Angad comes out as a natural actor! Playing his part on the finest edges, Virwani marks his brilliance as an actor. What’s more, his thorough build-up throughout the series, shocks the viewers, as it was unexpected to actually believe that he’s been the mastermind since the very start. Elevating as the innocent only friend to Major Monica, pretending to be her well-wisher, giving her the back support would almost get you romanticising him, just to realise, you’re on the wrong side of the table. Tanuj Virwani’s Angad would make you laugh, feel loved and also disappointed with the uncalled turn, at the same time.

And to add on the cherry, the supporting characters play a major role to make the entire show a thrilling one to binge upon. Major Mehra’s father aka Atul Kumar, Ekalavya Kashyap aka Monica’s right-hand, Swanand Kirkire aka Ismail Quershi and others, with the very chase, the commands and more, each character gets its due in the plot evolution.

However, the BGM is a bit uncatchy and fails to keep up with the last straw of this fiery, spine-chilling plot, but yet the director and the cast manage to equipoise it on the verge, making it a thrilling binge-worthy show.

The show is streaming on Voot.

IWMBuzz rates it 4 stars.