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Review of  Zoom Studios’ Happily Ever After – A light-hearted tale of ‘wedding chaos’

Show: Happily Ever After

Cast: Naveen Kasturia (Roneet), Harshita Gaur (Avni)

High-school love transpiring successfully into a relationship against all odds to eventually getting hitched and living ‘happily ever after’, that’s pretty much the quintessential concept of love and wedding for most human beings ain’t it? But is it always that simple? Is it always that straight and monotonous? Zoom Studios’ latest presentation is all that you need to watch about how you conquer all odds, battle out against obstacles that come your way, enjoy your similarities with your partner while also respect the differences for the betterment of both.

Roneet and Avni are one modern-day adorable couple who met way back during their school life. Everything has been hunky-dory for the beloved couple and like many they want their relationship to take the leap of faith. Roneet and Avni are no different. But sadly or rather hilariously, there’s a dissimilarity even in this similar ‘matrimony’ thought process. While Roneet wants it to be a simple and hassle-free wedding in the form of marriage in front of the court-room, Avni is all in favor of the typical ‘big-fat Indian wedding’. Reason? Avni’s previous court marriage ended in a divorce, sour memories, you see. the court-room itself. But then, everything comes at a cost right? The bigger the wedding, the more are the expenses associated with it. That’s the beginning of trouble in their humble ‘heavenly abode’.

While the first episode primarily deals with the financial constraints, the following brings into light the fact that an ‘Indian wedding’ is not just about a couple and their will to get married but also other complications. As they light-heartedly say, ‘In India, it’s not just two individuals who get married but also their families’. Well, nothing proves that better than this show.

Avni’s uncle is absolutely against the idea of living-in while her adorable granny is just happy to see the two getting married before she passes away. From dealing with financial constraints to putting each other’s priority to focus to expecting a ‘mutual’ solution, Happily Ever After is pretty much like the journey of every Indian couple looking forward to a nice ‘love marriage’

The comical elements are sprinkled well. Naveen Kasturia and Harshita Gaur together look magical and right from dialogues to enactment, everything makes for a comfortable non-jarry watch.

The punchlines flow smoothly, aptly exemplifying the core idea of telling a tale of marriage in India. The direction is clear and crisp as the narrative doesn’t look dragged. Relatable slice of life moments weaved sealess into the lives of the couple make it for a delectable watch.

3.5/5 stars

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