Hotstar desktop version has a bug which allows people break the 5 min free watching barrier…

Hotstar’s got a bug to fix?

IPL 2018 has been a spectacular ride so far with millions watching and enjoying the game of cricket.

With each passing day, the tournament is becoming more gripping and interesting with teams playing to their best of ability.

Now, web enthusiasts log in to Hotstar to watch the game on the go.

As journalists, research is key and while digging info on some IPL related stuff, we came across a conversation thread on Quora which could be affecting Hotstar’s business interest.

Now, on the app, one can watch 5 mins of free live cricket and after that one has to subscribe and pay up to continue watching.

However, web shenanigans have come up with ways and means via which one can avoid paying up and continue to watch matches, live, on the app.

And it’s very simple…one simply has to copy and paste a code on their browser.

Our IT team, to check veracity, went on to check the activity and it actually worked.

Check the video below:

Says Franklin Tuscano, Founder CTO at “To put it simply, the code is resetting the session time stored in the browser. After resetting, one has to refresh the page to view another 5 mins and thus, continuing to apply the code after each session expires. This is for desktop viewing only.”

The discussion thread is on Quora and though one cannot term it as a hack, it is a definite technological bug which needs to be fixed.

IWMBuzz reached out to the concerned person as Hotstar and have informed and shared relevant links of the same. However, we have not received any official comment on the issue.

So what is the solution to it? “Well, I usually charge for that information,” shares Franklin with a smile.

Enjoy watching IPL 2018 and keep reading

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