Ekta Kapoor’s special video on Class of 2020 success

Ekta Kapoor congratulates Vikas Gupta on success of Class of 2020

Ekta Kapoor’s new generation OTT app, ALTBalaji, has time and again, produced one interesting show after another, the latest being the vibrant and vivacious Class of 2020.

Helmed by mastermind Vikas Gupta, the show has a bunch of young talents, who display immense amount of potential and character pertaining to mainstream entertainment.

Class of 2020 has been lapped by the audiences and its validation comes from none other than Ekta Kapoor, herself.

Ekta took to social media and shared her glee on success of the show.

Though a tad funny, the video does establish the credibility of Class of 2020 franchise, which is a sequel to earlier released youth show Class of 2017. Sources maintain that Class of 2020 has surpassed Class of 2017 in terms of viewer’s response.

Vikas Gupta, originally a creator and now a known celebrity himself, has emerged as the voice of youth entertainment in India.

Be it Gumrah to The Serial and Puncchbeat, Vikas has tapped into the affinity and preferences of the rising new economy digital first millennial audiences.

In a quote to IWMBuzz, he mentions, “Puncchbeat is my baby and is equally dear to me as Class of 2020. But the beauty is that I was able to prove that content is of utmost important, more than the star-cast or expenditure. I want to share that Class of 2020 is made with 1/20th the budget of Puncchbeat and the numbers are as big as Puncchbeat. So, it definitely calls for celebrations. Thank you to Ekta ma’am for believing in lost boys again and success of Class of 2020 has proven that content is king and bigger than star power and even money.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more.

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