Popular actor Sharad Malhotra will don the mythological role of Lord Krishna for Vibhu Agarwal in a mythological show, for the new game-changing OTT platform, solely dedicated to mythological presentations. Recently, the announcement was made for the OTT platform, Hari Om, as India’s first dedicated mythological platform, a concept never explored previously anywhere across the globe.

It was announced that the app will showcase an eclectic and massive line-up of more than 20 epic untold stories and many more, including, “Shri Tirupati Balaji”, “Mata Saraswati”, “Chaya Grah Rahu Ketu”, “Jai Jagannath”, “Kaikeyi Ke Ram”, “Maa Lakshmi” and “Navgrah”.

We now hear of Sharad Malhotra playing the main role of Lord Krishna in the mythological presentation on Hari Om, titled Jai Jagannath.

We have earlier written exclusively about Vishal Karwal playing the titular role in the show Tirupati Balaji Kathasar for the OTT platform, Hari Om. We also wrote about actress Ami Neema being part of the show.

We now hear of Sharad Malhotra’s divine avatar for Jai Jagannath.

We buzzed Sharad but did not get through to him.

We reached out to the spokesperson but did not get revert till we filed the story.

This unique one-of-a-kind OTT platform, Hari Om, will feature long format and short format ‘U’ rated series, created for senior citizens, children and young adults. The OTT platform will also offer bhajans in both video and audio formats. For the first time ever, children will be able to experience curated animated content on mythology. This is the only OTT platform to exclusively host ‘U’ rated content, making it suitable for people across all age groups.

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