Kubbra Sait posts hilarious 'slapping' video in a stinging criticism of filmmaker Sandeep Reddy's misogynistic comments.

Kubbra Sait criticizes filmmaker Sandeep Reddy with ‘slapping’ video

Kubbra Sait has hit upon the most distinctive way to take a dig at the misogynistic comments made by Kabir Singh filmmaker Sandeep Reddy in an interview he gave to film critic Anupama Chopra.

Kubbra posted a video on her Instagram, where she and filmmaker Goldie Behl slap each other in slo-mo. The slaps are picturused in a highly exaggerated manner, meant to lampoon the controversial scene from the movie Kabir Singh, where Shahid’s character slaps Kiara Advani’s character.

To add to the hilarity of the video, Kubbra and Goldie are seen wearing oven mittens on their hands.

But even as this video went viral, Kubbra wasn’t done with Sandeep Reddy yet. In another video she posted several  hours after the first one, she can be seen slapping herself, while a telling caption below says –

‘If you can’t slap yourself, you haven’t loved yourself’.

Sandeep Vanga Reddy, the maker of Kabir Singh, is currently in the eye of a raging storm, owing to the comments he made in an interview with film critic, Anupama Chopra, where he has justified physical assault on a woman by a man when done out of deeply emotional love between the two. The reference is to the slapping scene in his film where the protagonist slaps the leading lady.

Reddy has been roundly criticized by celebs and Twitterati alike, for his comments, which reek of misogynism and toxic masculinity. Kubbra is the latest in along line of celebs who have lashed out against Teddy’s comments, albeit in a uniquely humorous manner.