Filmmaker Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s name being attached to controversies is now a regular occurrence, where there are barely any dull moments on any comments he keeps making statements about multiple things depending on what the impending issue is.

For the uninitated, the recent saga has been about actor Adil Hussain, who is best known for his role in English Vinglish – and also went on to play a small role in Vanga’s highly controversial but highly successful film, Kabir Singh. Recently, Hussain was asked about being associated with the film and his answer took many by surprise.

During the AP podcast, Hussain said that the only film he regrets doing is Kabir Singh. He mentioned that he was occupied with something else when they requested one day from him, but he declined, saying he couldn’t do it. He instructed his manager to negotiate for a significant sum of money, expecting them to refuse. Surprisingly, they agreed, so he performed the scene, which turned out well. He believed the film would also be good. He expressed his opinion that a film like Kabir Singh celebrates elements that are detrimental to society, including male misogyny and violence against anyone, not just women. He emphasized that such themes should not be glorified.

Following this, Vanga wasn’t one to be holding back as he took to X (formerly Twitter), to share a clip of the interview and said, “Ur ‘belief’ in 30 art films didn’t get as much fame to u as ur ‘regret’ of 1 BLOCKBUSTER film did 👏 I regret casting u,knwing that ur greed is bigger than ur passion. NOW I’ll save U from the shame by replacing Ur face with AI help👍 Now smile properly 🙂

Sandeep Vanga & Adil Hussain's fight intensifies: After Sandeep's remarks on replacing Adil with 'AI' in 'Kabir Singh', the latter responds 891862

Now, Hussain was asked to respond to Vanga’s comments, where he went on to talk to ETimes about it as he said that he was currently in the US and hadn’t come across Vanga’s post, nor did he plan to. He clarified that his remarks about Kabir Singh were made during an interview, not on social media. Expressing his surprise at the film when he watched it, he admitted regretting his involvement. He asserted his decision to maintain his stance on the matter.

If you have a hard time placing Hussain in Kabir Singh, he played the role of the Dean of Kabir’s medical college. The film was a remake of Vanga’s first directorial film, Arjun Reddy, and the director recently directed Animal.