Sanam to swoon you this Friendship Day

McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam releases a new single ‘Apni Yaari’ with SANAM on Friendship day

McDowell’s No.1 Soda through its music platform ‘No.1 Yaari Jam’ has been synonymous with bringing alive enthralling stories of Yaari through music. To give the spirit of friendship day an extra special boost, McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam has partnered sensational music band Sanam to release an original song – ‘Apni Yaari’.

The original featuring the band is composed by Clinton Cerejo & Sanam and written by the acclaimed lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, is youthful, lively, full of emotions and embraces the essence of modern-day friendships. The song has been created by Qyuki Media and the music video has been produced by The Glitch team.

McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam originals has partnered artists from across the country to create music that tells intriguing stories of friendship and with the new single from Sanam, the platform exemplifies yaari among millennials might be shared with the world through social media but at its core still manages to remain very intimate, endearing and special.

The song also highlights the real-life yaari among the band members of Sanam and how they connect with their fans. Sanam, Venkat, Samar & Keshav, the band members of SANAM, were friends before forming a band in the year 2010. In the 9 years that they have performed together, they have become one of the country’s most popular band with over 6MN followers on YouTube and some amazing hits to their credit.  Apart from playing music, they hang out, play cricket, video games, work out together and keep their yaari alive.

Talking about this composition, Sanam Puri, the lead vocalist said, “When we were approached to create an original track with Clinton Cerejo on friendship, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to put into words what we feel about each other.

Together with McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam, we hope our fans relate to the composition and celebrate friendship day humming this track with their yaars.”

Adds Samar Puri, Lead guitarist and founding member of the band, “The journey that we have taken together as friends has been magical. From hitting it off together at Keshav’s garage and composing songs, to winning various competitions together, having each other’s back on off days is what has kept us together.

With this track, we had a chance to re-live our yaari moments and bring it out in the best possible way for our fans.”

Venkat Subramaniyam, the guitarist with the band said, “Having known each other since our school days has helped us form bonds that were beyond any boundaries. What this did was that it brought us together to find out each other’s passion for music and understand our strengths. Today, we understand what each of us is thinking without even expressing it out explicitly.

Our track is a tribute to such yaaris that do not need words to express their love for each other.”

Keshav Dhanraj, the drummer with the hit band adds, “We’ve been friends for the longest time, and now we understand each one’s emotions and can connect deeply.

As friends first and band members later, we love that we can put away work and relax when it is needed. Therefore, it is important to have such yaars in one’s life who can help you unwind and enjoy moments in life”

Ben Thomas, Band Sanam’s Business Manager adds, “Its a delight to manage these 4 amazingly talented and humble people who make music to propagate kindness and happiness in the world by being an example of great friendship by constantly striving to bring out the best in each other.

Working on this song completely resonated with our value system and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Sharing his thoughts, Indian music producer Clinton Cerejo, composer of the song said, “No.1 Yaari is synonymous with friendship and while composing we have tried to touch that emotional cord of unique yaar. This song has been composed keeping the friendship of the four boys and the vision of  No. 1 Yaari in mind. It feels like the chords have struck just right.

Khushboo Benani, Content and Brand Advocacy Head for Diageo India said, “No.1 Yaari means something personal and special to every individual. Hence this Friendship Day we wanted to pay homage to all the different friends and their unique yaari through a song which makes you want to say – this is our story.

The powerful combination of Sanam, Clinton and Amitabh have helped us create a very hummable song that we hope will be shared among yaars.”

Sagar Gokhale, COO, Qyuki Digital Media, adds, “No.1 Yaari over the years has become synonymous with friendship and music. Sanam Band along with Clinton’s experience is the great mix to amplify the spirit of yaari. The content aims to create a song that every millennial can connect with. We hope that the song will be everyone’s ear-worm as well as shared to celebrate the uniqueness of each and every friendship”.

The content aims to create a song that every millennial can connect with. We hope that the song will be everyone’s earworm as well as shared to celebrate the uniqueness of each and every friendship.

Prashant Kohli, Sr.Creative Director adds, McDowells No. 1 as a brand is deeply rooted in culture through Yaari & music. The core of the creative vision we built was to stay true to the intimate & uplifting/joyful aspects of Yaari, while presenting it in a contemporary & authentic manner. The song provided a great platform to craft a story which is real & true to how people live and express their friendship today.

The strength of the creative also wouldn’t have been possible without the immense faith the brand reposed in us as partners.

The song release will be supported by a UGC campaign and the McDowell’s No.1 Yaari Jam platform is looking forward to creating a fan tribute by creating a video of fans singing along with Apni Yaari.