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Mithila Palkar cannot stop smiling as she has hit the 2 Million followers mark on Instagram.

Mithila Palkar is part of the 2 Million family

Talented actress Mithila Palkar who is glowing amidst the positive response that’s been showered on her over the recent streaming of her Dice Media series Little Things Season 3 has yet another reason to smile and rejoice!!

Well, Mithila is thankful and happy to have joined the 2 Million club on Instagram.

Sharing her joy, Mithila put up a post that she belongs to the 2M family now!!

She sent out a tight hug to those who have been with her from the beginning and have been with her even now!!

Check out the post here.

Wow!! This is truly a reason to celebrate…

Three cheers to Mithila and many more achievements to follow!!

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