Prime Video recently announced fictional drama Jubilee that has left the audience excited ever since the first look of the series. The Amazon Original series which is set parallel to the evolution of both India and the Hindi film industry, is a layered drama, interwoven with multiple characters – a studio boss, his movie-star wife, a trusted aide, a rising star, a nautch girl, and a refugee – and their dreams and ambitions.

It features the Bumba Da aka Bengal cinema’s superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee as studio head, Srikant Roy, of the illustrious Roy Talkies. Ever since the announcement of Jubilee, which is also the superstar’s first OTT series, his fans have been excited for the series premiere.

Speaking of this character, the legendary actor shares, “I was living Srikant Roy’s character for seven months before shooting (due to lockdown), there were just minor changes when I got back on the sets. In the series, you will see me in a very nice hairstyle. This is dedicated to my father Biswajeet Chatterjee, they used to have that kind of styling back in the days.”