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Top YouTubers in India 2017

As time has gone by entertainment has shifted from TV to digital platform. With the shift, the medium also emerged as a great means to promote brands & products. YouTube is one such huge platform which people use to showcase their talents. And obviously the number of subscribers tells the tale about how popular or sort out the particular Youtuber is. Let’s have a look at some popular Indian Youtubers who commence a massive fan following, thanks to some uber cool content they created.

Tanmay Bhat

This Mumbaikar has been creating on spot content for a while now. The genre being comedy, he has been tackling various society related issues by adding humor to it. Being one of the co-founders AIB this celebrity has made it to one of the latest issue of Forbes Richest Celebrity of the Year list too.

Sahil Khattar

Being the host of the YouTube channel Being Indian, now everyone knows him on the streets, literally. But before working for Being Indian he was a radio jockey back in his hometown Chandigarh and was popular for his show Love Guru. The early popularity definitely encouraged him to move to Mumbai to make his dream bigger. He obviously had to struggle, but few years of hardwork landed him a job in Being Indian. That surely made him a YouTube star.

Bhuvan Bam

Filled with cuss words, BBkivines gained popularity quickly. Infact, Bhuvan Bam’s channel is the fastest growing channel in India. Although his first video was just an experimental one it got abundant views, and since then he has been putting up some interesting satirical content.


Sanjay Thumma

A trained chef with a restaurant in US his life was perfect. Although he rebooted the menu and people started missing his signature dishes. So he uploaded a few videos of his recipes on YouTube which overnight went viral. In 2008 he came back to India and the rest they say…is history.

Nisha Madhulika

Having a hobby is nice, Nisha likes to cook. Sitting idle at home didn’t suit her. So she started blogging about her recipes, slowly gaining a fan base. A few followers asked her to make videos of her recipes. With the help of her husband she started making videos and uploaded them on YouTube. Now she shoots 3 days a week with 2 days to spare for research.

Shruti Anand

Settled in US Shruti Anand was a happy techie. While her 90 minute commute to work she used to watch “How to” videos. She realized while watching a “How to apply make-up” video, there aren’t any Youtube channel of how to apply make up for Indian skin-tone. So she started carrying her make-up kit to work and learn the technicalities while commuting. Soon she put up her first video and since then her followers have been steadily increasing.

Kanan Gill

Being a software engineer wasn’t god enough for him. In college days he used to write and sing silly lyrical songs in a band. Having a keen sense of humor he started participating in open mic challenges. He soon realized he is quite good at it and started a channel with Biswa Kalyan Rath in which they used to review Bollywood movies in a satirical format. Pretentious Movie Reviews was a great hit, kick starting his career as a comedian.

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