Ravindra Gautam will be coming up with a new web-series titled Auction which will have Vijhay Badlaani in it.

Vijhay Badlaani in Ravindra Gautam’s web-series Auction

Director turned Producer Ravindra Gautam (RGV Pictures) is presently working on his first series for the digital platform.

Titled ‘Auction’ the story will be about the huge racket of the pimps who deal in the business of selling girls and the journey that such girls undergo.

Though the maker is presently in talks with one or two platforms for the series, the shoot of it is already underway.

Talented actor Vijhay Badlaani who was recently seen in Kavach Mahashivratri will play a key role in this series.

Vijhay is also seen presently in Paramavatar Shri Krishna in the role of Akroor.

In the series, Vijhay will play the role of Ran, a rich NRI big-shot who will be always around girls and will be the mastermind behind the huge dealing.

As per a reliable source, “The series will mostly have five episodes. The series will also depict the dark world that is behind the selling of women.”

Ravindra Gautam has produced Meri Durga and Kaal Bhiarav Rahasya  – Ek Naya Rahasya on TV.

We buzzed Vijhay but could not get through for comments.

We reached out to Producer Ravindra Gautam but could not get through for comments.

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