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Anmol Dhingra – The youngest digital geek amassed a lot at a very young age

Digital marketing is the significant trending nook that amasses a ton of opportunities and is the preference of many who want to strive for a vision in this. Among few digital geeks, Anmol is a pro digital marketer with a blooming voyage. These days the trend of digital marketing is at its peak as it plays a significant role in upgrading one’s chore. So, the necessity for digital marketers is also improving day by day who can procure adequate quality aid. 

Anmol is a young prominent 19 years old digital marketer founder of promedia.in. At such a young age he owns a 10M+ network on social media platforms. He commenced with meme marketing in the year 2017 and progressed so much perfection over this period. 

He as an active social media user has more than 15k followers on Instagram. Apart from this, he owns around 7-10 handles on Instagram: @69gags , @couple.pvt.life , tharkiiduniya and many more. He frames his work to best suit his client which is something we do not find very often these days. He desires to aspire to be the best at what he does, which has helped him to take his work extremely seriously. His chore justified him best. 

What makes him the most admirable personality is his notions. He believes, “Learn new things every day to explore a new version of yourself”. Highly inspired by some successful personas made him come up with his own chore at such a young age, and he is no doubt elevating his task remarkably well. We wish him good luck in the future.

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