Know more about Ashish Bagrecha and Savi Sharma

Ashish Bagrecha and Savi Sharma – Mr. and Mrs. Bestseller – A match made through stories!

The transformative power of love has enchanted generations of poets, song writers and other artists, and Ashish Bagrecha, popular Instagram poet and bestselling author of the book, Dear Stranger I Know How You Feel, admits he has not been indifferent to it himself either. He met Savi Sharma in 2013 via a mutual friend when Savi was working on her first novel and wanted feedback on the book and suggestions on publishing it. They started talking and very quickly became good friends.

They bonded over their shared love for storytelling, but it was her “childlike innocence and that quiet wonderment with which she listened” that won his heart irrevocably. Ashish talks openly about what his feelings, “I loved her honesty and kindness and that spirited passion that showed in her words whenever she talked about storytelling. I wanted to help her as much as I could with my experience in publishing and digital marketing.”

Two years later, they self-published her first book, Everyone Has a Story, which later became a huge self-publishing success. Later, Savi got book deal offers from top publishing houses and eventually she became India’s highest selling female author with four published novels till date.

We talked about his relationship from mentoring Savi to marrying her in May 2019: “Over the years Savi and I became best friends, so when we felt like it was time to get married, we could not think of anyone else as our partners. We had the perfect life partners in each other. We both believed best friends can be best partners.”

Ashish admits that it took them a while to realize that they were in love. But when they did, there was not turning back. One fine day he proposed to her and she said yes. But like many love stories, they had a little bit of a problem – caste differences. he was a Jain and she was a Brahmin. Their parents were a little hesitant at first but eventually even they realized they are best for each other and agreed to their marriage. They had a nice wedding ceremony with all their families and friends.

Together their mission is to inspire, heal and help people grow through their stories and poems. He shares happily, “Our fans were super happy to see us getting married and now everyone calls us ‘The Writer Couple’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Writer’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Bestseller’ and so on. We have come a full circle and now find fulfillment in sharing our stories with the world. I feel blessed to be able to share my passion with the one person in the world that understands me better than anyone else.”

Ashish and Savi together share a fan-following of over 1 million followers across Instagram and Facebook.