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Ali Haji who has directed the upcoming short film #GOALS gets into a conversation with

Short film #GOALS talks of toxic relationships: Director Ali Haji

Ali Haji the child artist turned Director is presently working on his first feature film #Justice For Good Content. had written exclusively about the cast of the film.

Ali Haji’s short film #GOALS will be releasing next week.

Says Ali Haji on the short film which he has written and directed, “#GOALS was initially supposed to be a three-minute short film. It was to explore the flip side of couples who happen to be picture-perfect on social media, but in reality are not!! As we wrote it, we figured that it deserved a longer length, solely because it had a lot to be explored in it. #GOALS is not essentially a film about cheating; it is about being emotionally dishonest with yourself. We have shot the film very stylishly. It talks of toxic relationships, and depicts how ugly things can get and how quickly things can get back to place if few things are done correctly.”

The short film has Madhurima Roy, Saadhika Syal, Pratik Khattar, Shaan Groverr as part of the cast. The short film is produced by Pankaj Rungta. The film is written and directed by Ali Haji. Ali Haji’s banner is called Pastiche Pictures.

Talking about his experience of being behind the camera, creating concepts, Ali Haji says, “I have always loved everything about film making. When I was a kid of 10 or 11, I was quite convinced that I wanted to be a film maker, a director. By the time I was 15, I started making short films. Now I am 21, I have made many of them. Now I am involved into making more of the mature concepts.”

Tell him that he can make for a very good lead actor, and Ali Haji shares, “As a film maker, I have felt a larger scope of being expressive. I am enjoying this phase of my life.”

“Yes, I have been told of having it in me to become a good actor. If given a chance, I will like to walk the path of a person like Farhan Akhtar who juggles between acting and making his films.”

#GOALS will be part of a trilogy wherein there will be three stories with no connect whatsoever. The only recurring relationship will be the #.

On this Haji shares, “#GOALS will be the first in the trilogy. The second will be my first feature film as Director, and the third is in pipeline.”

On future projects, he says, “A lot of projects are in the pipeline. For Pastiche Pictures, the feature films #Justice For Good Content will be a biggie as it has a huge cast. We are developing good content. I have signed up for a film and are developing that. We are also working on a bund of ideas and of course, web series are also being planned.”

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