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Check out Arishfa’s No-makeup look!

Arishfa Khan’s Casual No-Makeup Look!

No-makeup look is high on the trend, women are flaunting their no-makeup look with so much confidence and self-esteem. Which not only promotes positivity but also self-acceptance, and thanks to our beloved stars who took the urge to post of their no-makeup look on Instagram, inspiring other women to flaunt theirs too. But it does not imply that women who love makeup do not appreciate self-love, they do, but it’s just to balance the equilibrium of being oneself.

Talking of stars, as of now, we spotted Arishfa Khan flaunting her no-makeup look on her social media and she looks absolutely gorgeous, perfection comes naturally to Arishfa, it seems.

Arishfa Khan is the Indian TikTok star and a social media influencer. She has earned millions of followers on her social media handles and TikTok. She has a huge fanbase across the country. She is the diva; her fashion quotient is absolutely commendable.

Here are some pics of Arishfa with no makeup!

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