Arishfa Khan, the lady with a grand fashion style and updos, always tends to give her fans some serious fashion goals altogether. She is followed by millions of teenage girls and the youth for her unique fashion choices and updates. She is a well-known social media influencer and has gotten a massive fan following on her social media profiles.

As of now, we are up with some Arishfa Khan’s outfits that would be perfect for teenagers, read below to get some tips!

1. Yellow fab- In this pic, Arishfa is wearing a grand one-piece short dress in bright yellow, and she is looking extremely fashionable and hot. She styled with cool yellow shade and is looking perfect. This style would be perfect for the college-going teenagers to wear at the freshers’ party! you can see the picture above

2. Be the Barbie every day- In this pic, Arishfa Khan is wearing a cute pink top, Barbie written on top that she paired with a denim jean, she is looking super cute in it. This is a perfect choice to attend regular class at the college.

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3. Time to go traditional- Being an Indian, traditional wears are important, in this pic, Arishfa is wearing a grand piece of red salwar suit and she is looking drop-dead gorgeous. This is best for teenagers, attending a wedding or other occasions.

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