CarryMinati also is known as Ajey Nagar is a popular YouTuber, who is famous amongst the youth of the country. He has earned millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel, counting to 22million and counting. He is a professional rant man and has gotten the limelight after his colossal YouTube Vs TikTok roast video. But as of now, we are obsessed with his best BFF moments. Check them out!


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When Carry posed with his brother. Both of them are looking great and giving out major bro-goals. But the caption is drawing all the attention! Carry being Carry couldn’t avoid humour in here as it seems, “Me to my brother: voh dekh udta hua teer jaha raha hai. It feels like I’m in virtual reality I literally have no words.”


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Just before the day of Zindagi’s release. This one is super cute. The brothers playing with the unapologetically fluffy dog in here. We are loving the bond and friendship they share with each other.


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A perfect picture to click, while posing with your bro+bestfriend. We are loving this beautiful picture, hailed with perfect BFF moments. What do you think?