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Jannat Zubair, Avneet Kaur, Arishfa Khan, Aashika Bhatia: Styles for your BFF’s Haldi and Mehendi with these outfits!

The commencement has started for your bosom’s wedding and keeping in mind that she’s lounging in the gleam of her commitment, you’ve been quickly googling ‘what to wear to my bestie’s Haldi and Mehendi. And why not? It’s your best friend’s wedding after all! It’s your fundamental right to look the best amongst all so that you and your BFF could be proud of!

In case you’re low on schedule, searching for something tremendous outfits to begin with and rock the party, then do have a look at these beautiful outfits carried by our favourite TikTok stars! Jannat, Avneet, Arishfa and of course Aashika!

All four look so damn pretty and out of the box! In those gorgeous attires! It is evident that all these stars rock every time with their fashion choices and style, and this time too they didn’t fail to amaze us!

Check the pictures down below, and let us know if these helped you to infer!

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