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What Makes Us Fans Of Carryminati

Reasons Why We Love Carryminati

In the year 2014 a boy called Ajey Nagar, started a YouTube channel to flaunt his gaming skills in games like Counter Strike. Although, a few years later, he started a YouTube channel with the name Carryminati. He is now a legendary YouTuber who posts content on trending topics in India and sometimes across the globe. Fans seem to love him and here are some reasons why.

His way of presenting his content and getting his point through to someone is a very unique one. The sensational star is known for roasting and presenting the topic which adds a ton of humor to his videos. The digital star knows exactly what the crowd wants and he gives them just that. The reason why fans are so fascinated by his style and content is because India lacks in terms of such roasting or comedy channels on a platform as big as YouTube even though it is very accessible.

Another reason why fans from most backgrounds love Carryminati is because of the language barrier that he chooses to break. English channels with amazing content can only be watched by a certain number of our country’s population. Whereas, the rest of the population eager for such content is left with no choice but to go for other videos where the quality of content might or might not be as good. However, when Carryminati came along majority of the country’s youngsters loved him as his content is in Hindi and is hence understandable to all.

We hope to see Carryminati succeed in making more videos and satisfying us with his content. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the star.

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