Check to see who is killing in casual

Siddharth Nigam, Faisu, Riyaz Aly, Awez Darbar: Who brings a spark to casual style?

Casual outfits for men can be followed back to that generally a la mode of decades, the 1950s. The war was finished, and youngsters in the UK and America needed something else, a real existence that stood out from the severity of contention and the weariness of the corporate world. Thus, suits and the stuffiness or formal dress were out, and pants, opportunity and Jammin were in.

Suits have been constant attire for men to begin with, and it’s quite easy to carry those suits, but with casuals, it is not that easy, as it seems. Not all are the masters of casual, it demands extra style and confidence to carry casuals with utter confidence!

Here we have lined up some of the biggest TikTok stars, who happen to be the most handsome and most adored among the youth of the nation. Siddharth, Faisal, Riyaz and Awez all the four are renowned stars and rock in their strength! Besides their fashion choices are to die for, from very formal to high-end casuals!

Here are the pictures, check and let us know!

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