Let’s find out who has the most charming smile, Siddharth Nigam, Faisu or Riyaz

Siddharth Nigam VS Faisu VS Riyaz Aly: The Star with The Most Charming Smile?

They say smile as to be the ornament of our existence. So, no matter what we want everyone to smile all the time and enjoy a happy time ever after, especially during these hard times.

But as of now, we are kinda obsessed with our celebrities and their smiles. And today, we are gonna talk about our most handsome debonair-s of the digital platform, Siddharth, Faisu, Riyaz.

Siddharth Nigam, the actor, who rose to fame after he appeared in the film Dhoom 3 playing the role of Aamir Khan in his childhood. The actor is also famous for his grand execution in the TV show, named, Aladdin-Naam Toh Suna Hoga, where he plays the role of Aladdin himself opposite to Avneet Kaur. He is also adored for his fitness and hot body. Few know that he is a professional gymnast too. And when he smiles with those bewitching unique eyes, everything feels like a dream!

Faisu, famous for his amazing style and fashion, is a TikTok sensation. The star is the founder member of the infamous team 07. He is especially famous amongst the young girls of the country for his grand hairstyle and fashion updo. He is also a fashion blogger, travel blogger and a YouTuber. We don’t have to say much about this wonderful, humble boy. We wish him all the best for his near future!

Riyaz Aly, the topmost TikTok star of the country, who gained more than 40million followers on TikTok. He is a well-known social media influencer too; he has earned millions of followers on Instagram and other social media. Youth love him for his style and cool hairstyle. The actor collaborated with several Bollywood sensations as well. He has appeared in quite a number of music videos on YouTube.

Here are some of their pics, where they are caught smiling! Check them out and let us know who you think the best.

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